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Discs of Tron

Environmental Cabinet
Serial 383-00241
Bally/Midway, 1983

The environmental Discs of Tron (or EDOT) is a true sight to behold.  Featuring no less than nine fluorescent bulbs, two sets of chase lights, and a "floating" playfield effect created with a mirror, this machine stands above the rest for over-the-top cabinet design.

The player actually stands inside the cabinet, on top of a platform graphic, surrounded by flashing lights and stereo sound.  The intent is total immersion, allowing the player to become Tron.  The gameplay is very engaging, once you figure out how to navigate a joystick, trigger, deflect button, and push-pull spinner.

I never intended to buy this machine, but one turned up relatively locally and I couldn't resist.  The machine was inoperative, and according to the seller, had been sitting in storage for 24 years.

This turned into a nine-month restoration (I work slowly) that included minor water-damage repair, circuit repair, and lots of new art pieces.  The list of restoration activities is extensive, so I compiled a table with some additional information for sourcing parts.

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