After Burner II with
Silent Attract Mode

Apply these two patch files to your ROMs to mute the sound during the attract sequence on After Burner II (jets, missiles, explosions).  These ROMs contain the main program code, and should be patched as a set.

The files are in IPS format, and can be applied with a patching utility like Lunar IPS.

Patch file for ROM 11107
Patch file for ROM 11108

Environmental Discs of Tron
Control Panel Photo

High Resolution photo of the EDOT control panel.

After Burner Seat
Artwork, Vectorized

Upper (Scale to 5.799" high)

Lower (Scale to 9.959" high)

Altered Beast Control Panel Overlay, Vectorized

The image above links to a vector art file for the Altered Beast control panel overlay. I created the file from my own control panel, which will almost surely be different than yours. To use this file, edit the button and stick locations to match your panel. The panel can be made larger if necessary by removing the clipping mask on the "Starbursts" layer.