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Pole Position II

Serial UR04991
Atari, 1983

Pole Position was THE racing game of the early 80s.  It was easy to play, but difficult to play well.  The vanishing perspective and checkpoint system became standards of the genre.

The controls included a steering wheel, hi-low shifter, and an accelerator pedal.  The cockpit version added a brake.

Pole Position II was released as an upgrade kit for exiting Pole Positions.  It included four tracks (Pole Position only had one) and slightly more advanced graphics, including flying parts during a wreck.

So what's better than a Pole Position II?  Four of them.  I started with four non-working Pole Position IIs, and eventually will end up with three working ones, of which I will keep one.  The pedal assembly was refinished with new cad and powdercoat and I replaced the steering wheel decal.  I added a factory-style cooling fan setup, and added power jumpers from the ARIIs to the PCBs to prevent smoking the edge connectors.