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 Task Item Source
 Replace dolly wheels
 2781T52 wheels
 Install leveler plates and levelers
 Leveler plates
 Leg levelers
 KLOV trading post
 Replace vinyl on rear bottom
 Matte black vinyl
 This Old Game
 Repair water damage
 O'Reilly Auto Parts
 Replace broken chase light lenses
 KLOV trading post
 Replace all bulbs
 F15T8/CW, /BL, and /BLB
 Rebuild dual amps
 MB3730 Amps
 Bob Roberts
 Replace tant cap on SSIO
 Tantalum capacitor
 Donor boardset
 Fix volume issue (LM3900)
 LM3900 Bob Roberts
 Repair linear supply board
 90412 Rebuild Kit
 Bob Roberts
 Repair power chassis
 Two BIG caps
 Bob Roberts
 Rebuild coin door
 Powder coat
 Lorac Co. (Wichita)
 Replace screws in metal plate above CP
 Torx Security screws
 Twisted Quarter
 Install NVRAM
 M48Z02-150PC1 NVRAM
 Clean and straighten floorpan

 Replace screws in floorpan
 Torx Security Screws
 Twisted Quarter
 Replace mirror panels
 New mirror panels
 KLOV trading post
 Replace CPO
 Control Panel Overlay
 Game On Grafix
 Build new back door
 Particle board
 Replace “seat” carpet
 Carpet (Utopian Violet)
 Replace vinyl on top of cabinet
 Matte black vinyl
 This Old Game
 Install side art
 Side art
 This Old Game
 Install t-molding T-molding and slot cutter
 Replace grid glass
 Reproduction grid glass
 This Old Game
 Recap monitor/ fix purity problem K4900 cap kit
 Twisted Quarter
 Rebuild relay boards Caps, resistors, diodes
 NTE R12-1705-12N Relay
 Lloyd's (Wichita)
 Refinish T-molding guards Rechrome guards
 Robbie's Hobbies
 Reflow CRT chassis connections