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 Task Item Source
 Refinish coin box Powder coat (Gentian blue)
 Lorac Co. (Wichita)
 Swap/restore coin door
 Silver coin reject bezels
 Amusement Parts & Supply
 Replace pitch rollers (four)
 Roller (601-5861)
 Amusement Parts & Supply
 Repair speaker harness  
 Replace missing headphone PCB PCB and bracket
 KLOV trading post
 Replace LOTS of incorrect fasteners
 Pin-in-torx fasteners
 Sega Amusements USA
 Replace blue disk behind stick Design panel
 KLOV trading post
 Polish bezel Novus polish
 Lustercraft (Wichita)
 Rebuild flight stick assembly Extra flight stick assy
 KLOV trading post
 Replace missing pitch cooling fan Fan Sega Amusements USA
 Replace roll feedback potentiometer Potentiometer Suzo-Happ
 Rebuild throttle assembly Extra throttle assy
 KLOV trading post
 Install correct leg levelers Leg levelers
 Sega Amusements USA
 Repair broken wood panel behind seat  
 Replace start button Illuminated start button
 Amusement Parts & Supply
 Replace smoked monitor plexi Smoked plexiglass
 Lustercraft (Wichita)
 Fabricate missing monitor bracket  
 Install new t-molding on control pan.
 9/16" black t-molding Twisted Quarter
 Refinish/reupholster seat Bondo
 Carpet glue
 Artwork (pending)
 O'Reilly Auto Parts
 Star Lumber (Wichita)
 This Old Game
 Install new t-molding on seat/guards 9/16" black t-molding Twisted Quarter
 Replace bearings in PCB cooling fan Bearings B-R-C Bearing Co. (Wichita)
 Straighten breaker panel  
 Replace power switch and line cord Line cord
 Replace PCB access door Access door
 KLOV trading post